At River Forest Images we want you to have the best, most customized portrait experience of your life.  Because of this we will custom crop and size your wall portraits to enhance the true art of your portrait.  All wall portraits are retouched and approved by you before the final printing.

All creation fees include a large wall portrait; wall portraits are 20 inches and larger.  Considering the true custom nature of our pho

"The Ultimate in

On Location Photography"

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Our Philosophy

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tography we only show one dimension in our wall portraits, the other dimension is determined by the most creative look for your image.  You may notice other studios have fixed size prints; these studios are constrained to fit your picture into their preset sizes.

With custom framing already utilized by many of our clients, the fixed size of preset frames and images for your wall portrait limits our creation of a truly custom portrait for you and your family. 

With our desktop portraits, sizes 8" x 10" and smaller, we have opted to stay with standard sizes.  We did this having considered the cost and the hassle of custom framing these for both you and the others who may wish to have your images on display.

Our customers determine our schedule, we have no preset times.  Your time is valuable, but more importantly, your memories are priceless.  You can count on River Forest Images to cherish both, and deliver the best portrait experience of your life.